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The project takes a Specific objective to contribute for Schools and Education Authorities in 6 EU countries deliver coherent ‘education for development programmes’ integrating social justice themes across the curriculum and which will inspire young people to take action for poverty reduction. The objectives include creating greater public awareness about the Millennium Development Goals among young people in partner countries and more widely in Europe. It will raise awareness about the goals themselves and ensure that young people have an understanding of the historic causes of the problems. It will also cover the actions that are being taken by the global community to deliver these targets, the barriers and constraints to success and the kind of actions that young people can take to support their achievement. It will support schools and education structures integrate teaching about these themes across a range of subjects so that young people experience the MDGs from a range of perspectives and understand that they are seen as important by the adults around them.

One of the key elements in creating change is to engage the next generation of decision-makers in active support for social change. Young people are often very motivated by their ideals to take action so the project will train and support teachers to deliver exciting lessons which make connections to live issues. This project will support the development of school communities where there is a strong ethos for Social Justice - providing teachers with materials & methodologies to inspire young people and giving students the confidence and the tools they need to make their actions successful and thus enthusiasm their peers.

Our means of achieving greater public awareness of the MDGs and active support for poverty reduction is through the creation of a Social Justice Pedagogical Framework. This framework will be promoted to schools and education authorities as a tool to facilitate the integration of 'education for development' (ED) themes across the curriculum so that students receive the benefits of a values-based approach to development.

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